Our Purpose

Welcome to the Thirdofeight Institute!

We are a personal development system based out of Utah. We help individuals recognize and achieve their unique God-given potential.


At the Institute, we believe we are all children of God who deserve to feel loved. We can grow in peace and power through healing wounds, and learning truth, being curious, and engaging with our wholesome and inherent desires

Due to many diverse backgrounds and circumstances, our students each receive a uniquely prescribed approach that focuses on their needs and expands that knowledge further. 



Resolving Trauma

Trauma hurts, and is a result of destructive experiences. When it happen to us, we have a hard time healing from it's effects. Trauma is a barrier to the learning process. We help break down those barriers in order to help students grow more steadily.

Establishing Routines

Sometimes students have trouble integrating themselves into society. In this case, we provide means to help them with a variety of routines that will help them adapt. We cultivate routines that are essential to building up personal confidence, self respect, and civility. These include practices that promote patience, cleanliness, responsibility, and reliability.

Cultivating Curiosity

Curiosity is the driving force of creativity and the defining spirit of childhood. The trauma of adulthood often gets in the way of this by placing unnecessary limitations on our abilities and talents. If we can reconnect with our curiosity It often defines us in dogmatic and incomplete ways. This learned behavior prevents us from recognizing, cultivating, and attaining our true potential through curiosity .

Teaching Truth

We learn to navigate the world by coming to understand the rules and laws that govern it. As we learn to master these principles, we gain power to act and not be acted upon. We teach students eternal truths with the expectation that they would use them to better themselves and the world around them.

Enabling Creativity

One of the signs of a free, curious, and motivated mind is the act of creativity. We provide guidance and instruction for students to learn a chosen skill or ability and express their competence through the process of learning and honing that skill or ability. We teach principles and provide opportunities for the application of competence. We help them act on their emergent and beautiful desires. Story making plays a pivotal role in teaching and helping students development this creative potential.


Learning Channels


Resolving trauma is a tricky business, so there are clinical practices and practitioners who we engage with in navigating this with students. We have resources that can provide help and opportunities for those who may not be able to afford hiring a professional, but are desperate to gain access to insights to help them out of the mess of their feelings and false beliefs.

Depending on the needs, resources, and preferences of the student, the mentor will provide access and recommendations to the individual if trauma is holding the person back, and they desire answers and freedom from their issues.


We help students become familiar with routines which will help them increase their self-reliance, reliability, and self control. We also help them with transitions by setting predictable and repeatable expectations. This training helps them maintain the positive personal qualities routines might offer.

We can help them develop skills in many areas and arenas of life, including those of personal finance, employment, exercise and nutrition, hygiene, and personal dress and expression.

The routines and transitions we coach students in are largely determined by the goals the student establishes for themselves. We can assist anyone who might need extra help establishing healthy regimens for themselves.


We train students to tap their ultimate creative potential through a carefully designed system that is mostly self-directed. We build a customized curriculum for each student using a variety of classes, discussions, theory, categorizations, and work opportunities in order to help the students achieve their self-desired outcomes.



The Thirdofeight Institute is made of a network of individuals who have walked the paths we advocate. Whether it be in personal healing, routines and transitions, or tapping and expressing personal creativity, each member of our community seeks to improve him or herself and become the best they can be. We then turn and assist those around us who are less fortunate to achieve healing and wholeness as well. 


Upon enrollment, a mentor is assigned to each student. This personal coach of sorts is a student's first line of defense, information, and access to the resources of the institute. The mentor has the responsibility to assess and assist the student in navigating and connecting in lieu of the organization's objectives. The mentor 's stewardship is to oversee the student's personal growth journey. The role of the mentor grows or shrinks depending on the changing needs of the student.

The mentor helps the student recognize their purpose. Basically, they help them identify and articulate their goals and objectives for their life. This is an essential step in helping the mentor discern and put the student onto the most effective learning path for the needs and desires of the student.


If purpose or motivation of a student is missing or lacking, mentors job is to help students discover, connect to, cultivate, and/or awaken it. Mentors then help students articulate and clarify these motivations.

The mentor may meet regularly with the student in order to assess and sense the current and changing needs of the student. It largely depends though on their changing needs.

Once the mentor gets a handle on the current needs of the student, he prescribes a path for he or she to follow in order to achieve the personal goals. Mentors can help provide access to the resources and opportunities that will most efficiently provide the way for students to succeed in his or her customized plan.

Group Meet-Ups

Once a week we hold informal video conference calls for each specific area of study, whether for trauma, finishing school, or creativity. They are typically on Sundays, and are made up of the vested parties in each arena. Students are invited to participate, both as listeners and contributors.

We have introductions, invite questions, share what we're currently working on, discuss unique needs, as well as share stories and talk about the various relevant principles that help us all succeed.

Venues for Showcasing Creativity

The institute operates and hosts an array of market places, performance opportunities, and gallery venues for students to both heighten their standards and apply what they are learning. These venues provide real world opportunities to incorporate the knowledge and skills they learn or products and services they create into functioning society or economy. 


One of these venues is a fully functional old-time fantasy marketplace. We also have open mic night, as well as an ongoing temporary outdoor garden gallery for painters, sculptors, and other more traditional artists.


Join Us

How to Join

We are always accepting new students. Enroll today, or come see us in person. You may schedule an appointment, call us directly, or show up to our campus where we hold frequent events. This is the address.

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