Our Purpose

Welcome to Thirdofeight Institute for Creativity, where we help students harness and cultivate their imaginations in pursuit of their personal goals.

Our curriculum is structured around the cultivation of an individual's highest self. The exact path is different for each student, but eventually everyone must learn the same lessons and apply the same principles. Whether it be in overcoming personal difficulties, developing important personal skills, or expanding story-telling abilities, each student receives requisite individualized help in recognizing and pursuing a unique purpose.

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The network surrounding the Thirdofeight Institute is an important part of what makes it function. No individual has all the tools, time, or resources to be everything to everybody. Each member works together with the respective gifts give to him or her in order to help those in a position to wish to grow. Whether it be in helping tap imagination, demonstrating appropriate routines, coaching with transitions, or helping an individual navigate personal healing, we recognize the unique role that might be played by each member of our community. As we each master ourselves, we embody our ideals, and become better equipped to assist others in need.


Community members fill the role of mentors. Each student is provided access to at least one mentor who helps them navigate their pathway forward.


Mentors are an invaluable resource for the student. Students may have many mentors over the course of their creative pursuits. 

Classes and Skills

We host a variety of specialty classes in order to teach skills that help students to bring to pass their personal purpose. Mentors help students determine and develop their deepest and most profound driving motivations. As they learn to recognize and channel this energy, mentors help students connect to the opportunities and resources required to bring the plans envisioned by this articulated, embodied purpose.

The Magical Marketplace

The institute operates and hosts a performance and market venue every Saturday between the hours of 3 and 9pm. Students are invited and encouraged to engage and interact with the wider community. Here they may share their goals, as well as their new and developing skills with friends and family in an environment of fun and imagination.  We invite cosplay and roleplaying alongside managing individual businesses and stage performance. The public is welcome, and admission is free.

We also anticipate developing other venues for students as need demands.

Join Us

How to Join

We are always accepting new students. Enroll today, and come see us in person. You may schedule an appointment, call us directly, or simply show up to our campus during one of our Saturday events. The address is posted here.