Our Purpose

Often the most gifted among us feel ostracized and out of place. Sometimes it takes a special type of help or sort of situation to assist these individuals to be able to open up and develop their inherent gifts. We provide a culture that facilitates these kinds of individuals to safely and carefully open their hearts and grow into the people we believe they have been sent to this world to become.

Our Approach

While idealism and flexibility are essential, we also realize that structure can be an important and necessary step in achieving the hoped for growth.

And while structures can serve an integral purpose, we never allow them to overstep their expressed purpose. The end is more important than the means.

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How To Enroll



Enrollment at the Thirdofeight Institute begins with an interview. One of our counselors will ask you and your parent or guardian a variety of questions that both assess your fitness for our program, as well as help us to craft a curriculum specifically catered to where you are at. We also get a sense of what drives you, what your gifts might be, and what you'd like to become.

Once you complete your interview, we will let you know whether you've been accepted, and where to go from here.


In order to get an interview, please fill out this short application here.


Upon receiving the afore mentioned application, a counselor will contact you directly to schedule an assessment with the student and his or her parents or guardians.  Before the interview, it is recommended that the student, if at least eleven years old, and under the direction of his or her parent or guardian, take a Myers-Briggs personality test to provide us with a basic awareness of his or her personality. The results of this will help the counselor to assess the needs of the student more quickly.

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