Institute for Creativity

Welcome to the Thirdofeight Institute for Creativity!

We help individuals find their identity and voice in a supportive and inspiring environment of imagination and truth.

We are the educational arm of a unique creative community based out of Springville, Utah. Join us today!


Our specific mission is to help our students develop their individual creative capacity. Part of that includes orienting them to the larger purpose of their lives.


Generally, we help students discover their own potential by first looking to what they already know, and that which radiates from within; we cultivate a space of inspiration, then provide access to relevant skills in coordination with this.  We promote a culture of child-like curiosity while advocating rock-solid principles of universal truth. We prepare students to cope with a changing world by enabling them to become capable, adaptable, and fiercely independent.


The Institute is also part of a larger network of creative people who associate as a community in order to collaborate with and facilitate each other's needs. These connections provide an invaluable and integral network of relationships, people, and opportunities that students can expect to tap into in time.


We are always accepting new students. Enroll today, or come see us during one of our markets, held every Saturday from 1pm to 9pm. This is the address.



We are story makers at heart; basically we train students to be like us.

And while we excel at developing creators of fiction, our greater goal is to help students write the story of their own future. We have a varied and adaptable methodology in order to accomplish this.



A mentor is assigned to each student at the beginning of his self determination journey. This personal coach of sorts is a student's first line of defense, information, and access to the resources of the institute. The mentor has the responsibility to assess and assist the student in navigating and connecting throughout the educational journey. Further, the role of the mentor can grow or shrink depending on the needs of the student.

Some students arrive already knowing what their purposes are. Mentors will connect these students to the necessary resources in order to help them get started on those goals right away.

For those students who don't yet have developed plans, we have a method of discovering, cultivating, and connecting to one's inner motivation. At the center of this is is a system involving story making.

Each students is sorted into basically one of three groups: performance arts (Microcosmic internal), crafts people (microcosmic external), and authors/directors/dungeon masters (macrocosmic). 

Mentors provide opportunities to inspire and awaken various wholesome story-oriented appetites in students.


Then, through a process of further discovery and practice, we help the students clarify their motivations into measurable goals.

Mentors then go about connecting students to the various means to empower their learning of the basic skills and techniques that correspond to their ambitions.

Mentors also coach students in broad fundamental principles that undergird the things they are learning and in so doing, facilitate insights that students can use by applying these principles in their real-world contexts.

We also harness the power of our network of morally supportive, like-minded creative people in order to teach, train, guide, inspire, and further challenge students.

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