Thirdofeight Institute

Are your kids getting all the skills from school that they need in order to thrive? Are you looking for an alternative to public education, but don't want to go with full-scale home schooling? Or do you just sense that your kids need something more than what you're able to provide them on your own?

Or maybe its not about the kids. Maybe you're single and struggle with your mental health. Or maybe you love learning but the way school worked never resonated with you, and worse, this caused you to feel like one of the "stupid kids." Or maybe you love to learn but can't afford to be constantly enrolled in college courses. Or maybe you just need to get some perspective on life and want to explore ideas that might expand your point of view, and bring things together for you.

We do all these things and more at the Thirdofeight Institute. We are a fledgling institution with an incredibly innovative and entirely accessible approach to education. 

No matter the age, the grade, or where the student is at, we can help them get from where the are to where they want to be.


Philosophically, our system is designed to cultivate freedom, independence, and creativity within the philosophical framing of students having an ultimate purpose and with the right catalytic influences, can reach his or her potential.

We teach all grades, including K-12, those often thought of by the status quo as having "special needs," as well as those seeking collegiate education. We also are designed and prepared to help those who have no association whatsoever with the public school system or its associated organizing structures.

Our Purpose

Our first focus is very straight forward: help students meet their immediate and long term needs so that they can get from where they are to where they want to be.

Our curriculum is structured around recognizing and understanding the fundamental ideal and archetypal elements that make up a healthy human being, demonstrating it through our individual and collective examples, and then setting out to help each individual move towards those standards in the least intrusive manner possible.


We cultivate each individual's highest self as seen through the lens of the unquestionable intrinsic value, and his or her distinctive and unique purpose and singular identity as a child with a divine heritage.

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How To Enroll


In order to apply to enroll in the Thirdofeight Institute, you only need to fill out this short application here.


Upon receiving the afore mentioned application, a counselor will contact you directly to schedule an assessment with the student and his or her parents or guardians.  Before the interview, it is recommended that the student, if at least eleven years old, and under the direction of his or her parent or guardian, take a Myers-Briggs personality test to provide us with a basic awareness of his or her personality. The results of this will help the counselor to assess the needs of the student more quickly.

During the interview, the counselor asks a variety of questions while getting to know what makes the student tick. We also gather information regarding the students interests and needs. The counselor may also ask the student to look over information, provide certain answers, or agree to specific conditions if enrollment is confirmed.

After the assessment, the school will determine whether the student applicant is a good fit for the institute, and whether we have the adequate resources available in order to be able to satisfy the needs of the student.



At that point, we will email you your acceptance or rejection. Those who are accepted with then receive a phone call from a counselor to complete the onboarding process.

Sometimes students are rejected simply because we don't yet have the resources available to help them in the way they need. We are a rather young organization experiencing growing pains, and must be careful to maximize the use of our stewardship. 


That being said, as soon as the institute is prepared to be able to adequately assist your student, we will reach out to you. Students who are not immediately accepted by the institute are welcome to follow up with the counselor as often as the student would like.

We reserve the right to accept only those students who, in our estimation, are a good fit for the organization and its goals. If you are rejected, and wish to better understand the reasoning, you are welcome to reach out to the counselor for a post-assessment discussion, and we will do our best to provide you the kind of information that might help you be better prepared to be accepted in the future if that is your desire.


If you'd like to learn more about our institute, and how it might look to be enrolled, we invite you to read more by looking over the remainder of this website. We have provided links, projects, resources, as well as our syllabus, curriculum, and pedagogy. Also feel free to email or call us with any questions you may have. We would love to help you better understand what it is we do!