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Arts, Industries, and Trades You Could Pursue

The subjects we offer are always growing and expanding. If there is a subject not listed here, be sure to make a request during your consultation with your counselor.

Performing Arts



Take group acting lessons and learn to create and inhabit a character and on screen.

Mystical Magical Music Making


Whether charming dragons, basilisks, or three headed dogs, music comes in handy for the resourceful wizard. Get started on your choice of a musical instrument.

Rappelling Sports


Overcome your fear of heights and integrate your body and mind through the moving meditation that is rock climbing and canyoneering.

Longsword Fighting


Learn the techniques and skills used in this historical European martial art, and engage in mock battle during our magical marketplace.

Partner Dancing


Partner dance is the only thing in the magical world more effective and lasting than a love potion. Take lessons in American swing, latin social dance, and latin and standard ballroom dance to spice up your love life.

Swimming with Sirens


We have a mermaid who teaches participants to grow a tail and learn to swim like a mer person.


Receive your tail and learn to swim with the mermaids!


A Broom Worthy Of Flight

special broom.jpeg

A well-known broom making wizard has brought his skills all the way from Appalachia to help enterprising witches and wizards get the nuance of building a broom worthy of flight! Bring Your Own Stick, buy one of ours, or look in our woodpile.

Capes and Coats for Crones


Learn from a crafty witch to follow a pattern and assemble your own clothing and costume use a sewing machine, and principles of design.

Charmed Chocolates


There are few arts more delicious and indulgent than the crafting of artisan chocolates. Come learn the techniques and familiarize yourself with the tools from a genuine local chocolatier.

Cobbler's Craft


​​​​​​​Learn to make your own boots and shoes from an authentic old-fashioned shoe maker.  Don't just leave your shoe making to the little people!


Bring your own raw materials or you may purchase some parts from us.

Delicious and Delectable Dainties


Sweets are a realm of magic usually left to house elves, but in this experience, witches and wizards will have access to recipes and techniques that will delight the senses! Come learn about and create three delicious sweets.

Gemstones for Jewelers


Learn to carve, cut, cleft, and polish a variety of semi precious gemstones, from agate to banded calcite, to malachite, to sea glass.

Leather Tanning


Few materials are as useful for costumes and armour as leather. Learn the age-old craft of tanning and preparing leather from animal skins.

Outfitting Your Owlry


A wizard needs a faithful companion. Learn all about birds of prey, what it takes to become a licensed falconer, and become an apprentice to a master.

Ringmaking for Rulers


​​​​​​​Learn the art of brass, silver, and goldsmithing in the process of making rings and other jewelry.


Bring your own stones and precious metals, or purchase it from us.

Sewing For Knights


The knights of the realm require loads of protection. Learn the tedious and detailed techniques of making chain maille.

Tarot Toiletries


Learn about crafting magical soaps, beard oils, and scents to lure and trap the senses. We teach the basic (and potentially dangerous) process of making soap and other lovely concoctions for your body and soul, all from scratch!

Apothecarist for the Ages


Learn how to germinate and grow plants, as well as design and maintain a garden worthy of a wizard.

Black Walnut Ink Making

cooking ink.jpeg

An ink maker will assist you in the simple but particular process of brewing a cauldron of ink from scratch from walnuts grown in our garden. You will come away with a container of homemade ink!

Book Binding for Mystic Mages


Learn the age-old craft of sewing together the elements of a leather-bound book from an experienced local artisan. 

Crafting Stained Glass


Learn to design, cut, and solder colored glass into worthy windows and pieces of art for churches, homes, and ornaments.

Dwarven Smithing


The dwarves are at it again! Its a rare opportunity when they've come from their northern wastes to the Blackburn Boarding House to offer lessons to those who wish to try their hand at smithing. Come get your first taste of pounding hot steel with a hammer!

Leather Armour Craft


Not all armour is metal, in fact most isn't! We get you started on the most basic forms and functions of typical medieval leather armour.

Create armour, gloves, belts, and other valuable pieces.

Marionette Making


Learn to build a handmade puppet from scratch under the tutelage of a puppet master. 

Millinery for Madams and Mages


A sign of a successful witch is the size of her hat collection. Learn the craft of assembling all sorts of old-timey hats from scratch.

Weaving for Witches


Your witch lair will be all the more cozy once you master the craft of making rugs from left over clothing and textiles. Learn the ins and outs of rag rug weaving.

Pentacle Pottery


Come to the Blackburn Pottery Studio and learn to throw and finish bowls, mugs, and pitchers.

Wood Working for Wizards


Learn the old-fashioned technique of making useful and magical things from wood.

Film Production


Learn the ins and outs of the movie-making craft, including planning, shooting, and post-production.

Event Design & Planning

yard during halloween event.jpeg

Learn to craft exquisite experiences that awaken the imagination of your audience and stay in your budget.

Production Design


Learn how to design a space by harnessing powerful tools and resources at your disposal.

World Building



Learn to invent, develop, and translate your ideas into a format that carefully lends itself to the film making process.

Dungeon Mastering


Learn how to use what you have and know in order to create and maintain a consistent, plausible, engaging, and worthwhile story and then host an effective campaign.

Show Running

ben staring down in graveyard.jpeg

Learn how to use what you have and know in order to create and maintain a consistent, plausible, engaging, and worthwhile story onscreen.

Book Writing

Sword n Stone insert_edited.jpg

Learn how to use what you have and know in order to create and maintain a consistent, plausible, engaging, and worthwhile story and then writing, editing, publishing, and launching an engaging novel.

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