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Music Ensembles

Once a student gets a chance to begin to integrate some of what they are learning through learning a musical instrument, we immediate will provide them additional opportunities to grow their integrative processes. Playing an instrument within a musical ensemble is a very useful tool to help students to do this.

We invite our students to harness the skills they are learning to contribute, participate, and collaborate as a member of at least one instrumentally relevant musical ensemble.



This ensemble performs the music that is most often associated with and originates from the country of Ireland.

Salsa band

This ensemble covers music typically used in latin American dances of salsa, bachata, merengue, and cha cha.


This ensemble performs music associated with the American South and Appalachia

Jazz Ensemble

This ensemble performs music originating in style in New Orleans and is often associated with night clubs and soul music.



This group performs music associated with film soundtracks, as well as classical, romantic, and baroque era style music.


This ensemble will perform music usually associated with various Western religious traditions. As demand grows, it may be broken into distinct genres or group identities.

String Orchestra

This group mostly performs music from the Baroque era.

String Quartet

The music of this ensemble is usually associated with Regency Era social gatherings in the UK.


1940's Big Band

This group performs music that was first popular during World War II, termed American Swing.

Marching Band

This group performs music often heard in parades, military displays, and sporting events.

Post-modern Juke Box

This group incorporates a broad variety of styles, genres, and instruments and harnesses them to convey a diversity of time periods through recently written music.

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