Everyone who applies to our school is provided an initial consultation with a counselor. While this consultation does not equate to formal acceptance, each enrolling student is required to meet with us before acceptance is secured. Before the meeting, potential students are asked to complete a Myers-Briggs personality test. You can find one online, or here.

These consultations occur once a week on Mondays. We will reach out to you to schedule with you once you submit the basic application form below.


Currently our enrollment is limited. While we do have openings, we must cater to those students whose interests and gifts coincide with our available resources in order to maximize return on our investment and its incidental growth potential. If you are not selected at this time, rest assured that we are working to expand our infrastructure, and as soon as we can accommodate more, we will reach out to you.


Cost of enrollment is $150 USD a week. This cost not only incorporates basic tuition fees, but access to the tools, resources, and elements required to initially engage in the various resources, classes, subjects, private lessons, therapy, and integrative experiences we offer. The one major exception to this is with musical instruments; currently students and their parents or guardians will be responsible to acquire the instrument the student learns to play, though we are happy to help connect them to resources.

If there are additional costs required for any further activities, these will be discussed, arranged for, and confirmed with the student and his parent or guardian before engaging further with the activity.

We also have alternative pay arrangements available for those who may have the need.


Each student can expect to participate on a weekly basis anywhere between four to eight hours of individual and/or group instruction, and this will fluctuate depending on the week. This time involvement may include music lessons, music ensemble playing, group theory discussions, group exploration and discovery, field trips, beginning skills classes, specific training instruction, and/or live interactive play-motivated experiences where students get a chance to watch, be inspired, and/or demonstrate their newly found and developing skills.

Currently most of the classes, lessons, and discussions are offered both in person and virtually. However some of our educational curriculum by design is only offered live and in person.

Student Application

Upon submission, you can expect to hear from us within the week.

Thanks for applying!



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