Institute for Creativity


Exploratory Class

Once a mentor determines a student's preferred story format, the student is invited to enroll in an exploratory class. This environment will expose the student to a variety of story forms that fit within the broader category the student falls within. This will allow the student to expand his awareness of the diversity of forms that might be harnessed to convey his stories according to his already existing proficiencies.

Specialized Hands-on Instruction

Once a student gets perspective on the types of forms his stories take and decides where to invest his time, the mentor will help the student connect to story specialist. We offer a variety of specialized skills and story-oriented trainings listed here.

These hands-on classes can last anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours in length, and generally happen once a week. Length and frequency depend largely on the subject, the number of students attending per class, and the current level of expertise of current participants.

Field trips and other applied learning experiences are an integral part of learning to tell good stories, and we incorporate them often.

On certain occasions, special experiences, skills, and/or tools may require costs in addition to the price of general enrollment. Specialized shoes, clothing, musical instruments, uncommon construction materials, and ticketed access are some examples of these extra financial requirements. In this event, costs will be made clear to parents and students before students engage in the particular activity.

Principles & Patterns Discussions

Each Wednesday we devote one meeting a week for an hour and a half to discuss the foundational principles of the nature of the world. These are the principles which define us and govern the creative process. They also unite our creative community, and are the principles upon which the hand-ons specialized instruction are based. A deeper understanding of these principles will assist students in comprehending and gaining competence in their skills, as well as helping them integrate into our community more quickly.

These virtual classes are more like open discussions where students can learn at their own speed from a mentor who adapts the ideas to the level of understanding of the group. These principles are listed and explained in detail, and can be read and studied in our manual, which can be downloaded here.

Market, Performance, and Gallery Days

The institute operates and hosts a number of market, performance, and gallery venues throughout the week. We run a fully functional old-time fantasy marketplace in which students are invited to participate as active contributors. We also have open mic night, as well as an ongoing temporary outdoor garden gallery for painters, sculptors, and other more traditional artists.


Fantasy Market Days

Our Friday market is a chance for students to try their hand at the medieval and victorian fantasy story genre. It is also a place where these students can monetize their fantastical finished products they create.


Alternatively, Saturday Fantasy market is a chance for students to see local creative genre professionals at the top of their game who focus on medieval and Victorian fantasy. This high value story-centric environment is designed to provide motivation and inspiration for new and developing students, as well as to give students a chance to play in a specific make-believe world. As fantasy genre-focused students demonstrate mastery of their crafts, they can expect to be invited to participate in these otherwise exclusive Saturday afternoon events.


Creative Meet-Ups

Once a week we hold an informal video conference call, usually on Sundays, made up of many of the diverse creative people in our community. Students are invited to participate, both as listeners and contributors.

We have introductions, invite questions, share what we're currently working on, discuss unique project needs, as well as share stories and talk about the various relevant principles that help us all succeed as artists. The recurring video chat window for these meet-ups remains the same, and the link is here.

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