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Everyone who applies to participate with or in our school is invited to a consultation with a counselor. This is to accumulate satisfactory information in order to design a curriculum for the student, answer questions of the interviewee and parent, as well as help us as an organization assess whether the individual is a good fit for our institution and community.

This consultation does not necessarily equate to formal acceptance, but each enrolling student or participant is expected to meet with us before acceptance and participation is confirmed.

Before the meeting, students are asked to complete a Myers-Briggs personality test. You can find one by searching online, or by clicking here.

We will reach out to you with a week's time to schedule with you once you submit the basic application form below.


Currently our enrollment is limited. While we do have openings, we cater to those students and participants whose interests and gifts coincide with our available resources in order to maximize return on our investment and its incidental growth potential.


If you are not selected at this time, rest assured that we are working to expand our infrastructure, and as soon as we can accommodate more, we will reach out to you.

Once accepted, the counselor will meet with you to review the student's prescribed curriculum, associated costs, and to sign any agreements or necessary waivers required for the courses to be enrolled in.


Basic enrollment is $140 a month, or $35 a week. This includes immersive play activities and coaching, any necessary individualized mindfulness coaching, group discussions, group meet-ups, and weekend applied community experiences.

Some lessons require additional costs. These include private music lessons, art lessons, and any associated tools or materials such as musical instruments, paints, canvas and supplies, as well as any additional required costs for specially insured activities. Each fee-based activity will be priced separately and discussed with the parent or guardian before the student engages with it.


Waivers and safety training may also be required for certain prescribed activities. Each student's curriculum may include a prescription and mixture of both free and fee-based instruction.

When desired, alternative financial arrangements may be made with respect to enrollment costs. If you are interested in discussing an alternative to the requirements above, we encourage you to bring it up in your initial interview and make your needs, interests and/or arrangement proposals known to your interviewer.


Each student can expect to participate on a weekly basis anywhere between four to eight hours of individual and/or group coaching, engagement, and/or immersive play. This may fluctuate depending on the week in question and the interest and incentive of the student.

We strongly encourage parents or guardians to take an active role in the teaching of their child or enrolled children to participate as much as they can. They are always are welcome and invited. We do not require it, but encourage it. If parents desire to participate, they just need to make sure to do their best to communicate this with the relevant facilitator so that class sizes can be planned for and adapted to in advance.

Currently most of the classes, lessons, and discussions are offered both in person and virtually. However some of our educational curriculum by design is only offered live and in person.


The running, maintenance, and growth of the school are rather expensive. While the design and implementation of organizational goals are focused on a lean and efficient process and management, operating costs are substantial. Further, we have incurred significant and considerable costs along the way in getting to where we are currently at as an organization. 

That being said, we do everything to make learning as reasonably priced as possible. The Institute is financed and subsidized largely by donations and volunteerism. Any and all contributions to the Institute, its mother company Thirdofeight, or its subsidiaries are highly valued and greatly appreciated.

Those who wish to donate either their time or resources can contact us here.

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