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Integrative Experiences

We encourage students to participate in relevant integrative experiences. We host these events in order to provide relevant context to students in order to give possible meaning and purpose to the skills, talents, and abilities they are developing.

Immersive Storytelling Events

In conjunction with our sister company, Wizarding in the Wild West, the Thirdofeight Institute hosts immersive imaginative events where students are provided the opportunity to be inspired, awakened, grow curious and given the chance to explore and play in a safe and imaginative environment. These experiences directly relate to the principles and skills we endeavoring to help them learn.

We hold markets, provide immersive classes, feasts, quests, and We invite direct and indirect play. We also invite students to participate in the experiences on the level they are comfortable. They can create characters, costumes, and come dressed up to perform. These experiences provide students the opportunity to grow more confident by experimenting in a safe place with the new skills they are developing.

You can read more about them here.


One of the most useful methods of helping students to integrate the principles they are learning is through music. We offer private musical instruction as part of the curriculum. As part of and in order to further integrate learning within the musical experience, we incorporate and encourage musical ensemble participation.

Additional Integrated Experiences

We also sponsor and host events catered to the culture and needs of the unique, specific industries taught in the school. As needs develop, we will expand these offerings.

We also facilitate connections with other developing projects fostered within our community.

Storytelling Events


Master Mortimer's Magical Marketplace

This exclusive market is a high-end professional aesthetic experience tied to, managed, and designed by our sister company, Wizarding in the Wild West. It is based on the concept of peoples and creatures from magical cultures far and wide congregating around a unique pair of wizard brothers in celebration of the coming of magic to the mountains of the American West.

Practically, this gathering is made up of carefully curated and selected professional contributors, cosplayers, actors, and business people who are skilled, willing, and invited to collaborate together with us to help tell our story. The products on display are actually for sale, and the crafts and industries presented therein are often subjects available to learn in the institute. Each contribution however, first serves the purpose of growing and expanding the story. You can read more about it here.

Blackburn Academy of the Magical Arts

We run a wild west wizarding academy akin to Hogwarts in the UK. The goal is to create an environment that is as close as possible to the real thing in order to trick the brain into feeling what it might be like to attend a real wizarding school. Each class is designed to feel real. We also host elaborate feasts in conjunction with the student's schedule following the intermittent school schedule and recurring holidays. These are also based in the story of Wizarding in the Wild West. You can read more details about these imaginative experiences here.

Blackburn Boarding House for Witches, Ghouls, and Monsters

We run a fictional old-timey boarding house inhabited by rejected macabre creatures. Our hallmark event is a free immersive interactive haunted house the last three days of October that is open to the public. We also host fires, feasts, private parties, overnight stays on the premises, as well as an elaborate original group murder mystery. All these events are based on characters, places, and events represented in the story of Wizarding in the Wild West. You can read more about these experiences here.

Educational Purpose Behind These Events

These experiences are designed to invite curiosity, imagination, and play in its visitors and participants. Additionally, they are also orchestrated to awaken our students to the possibilities of what might be done with the skills, talents, trades, and abilities they are learning through their enrollment with us.

When in attendance at these magical gatherings, students are encouraged to come dressed up in costume, or even create their own characters, if one has not already been assigned to them, even going to the trouble of creating a backstory to inform who and what they are. This provides students the opportunity to apply creative principles they have been learning about through the institute curriculum.


We teach a variety of strings, percussion, solo instruments, brass, woodwinds, and voice. Students will be able to choose an instrument, be trained one-on-one by an instructor who caters a particular personal curriculum.

As students gain mastery over the instrument of their choice, they are encouraged and made aware of the various relevant ensembles and performance opportunities in order to further assist them to integrate their learning.


Masters Mortimer and Benjamin Blackburn's School for the Alchemical Arts Student Market

The second marketplace we host is for students' direct participations. While we encourage the students to incorporate story if they like, we do not place any distinct aesthetic standards on this market. It is a place for experimentation. Any student who previously or is currently enrolled in our institute is invited to participate and engage with the market with the skills he or she is learning. 

Painting and Sculpture Salon

Fine artists often are in search of buyers. Part of this process is accumulated other painters into the same space. We host a recurring fine artist market where these kinds of artists may find and connect to their audience.

Thirdofeight Farmer's Market

Sometimes someone's purpose is to grow or produce the raw materials that artists need in order to support or provide for their art process or to industries and professionals within the organization and community who might have a need for their services. This market is organized to help facilitate these types of relationships. Wholesale producers of food, services, and products may come here to connect to potential buyers for what they offer. This market is privately organized, and is open enrollment via application.

Other Experiences
Mentor Projects

Sometimes otherwise independent projects have been cultivated and encouraged by the institute. They often have needs and opportunities that are complimentary to the roles and needs of our students. We try to remain apprised of these details and do our best to appropriately facilitate any mutually beneficial relationships that we believe have pedagogical utility. Some of those projects and opportunities are listed below:

Wizarding in the Wild West's Creative Collaboration Group

Once a week, a team of creatives gathers together to discuss the development of characters, plot, stories, scripts, and film production. Interested contributors and collaborators may be invited to join and contribute upon request.

Mentor Projects
Student Projects
Student Projects
Melissa's Autism Therapy & Homeschooling Podcast
 Caleb & Israel's 
 Board Game 
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