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Our Purpose

Mindfulness Sessions


We offer one-on-one mindfulness coaching.

We teach seeking and suffering individuals the undergirding life truths that help the individual better orient and master themselves and their responsibilities in the world. We assist you in the removal of false beliefs resulting from abuse and trauma. We also teach you principles that may function to help strengthen and protect you from future hurt.

Meetings can last from one to no more than three hours at a time.


Before you hire us to work with you, we recommend you read through an outline of the important ideas and principles we refer to during our meetings. You can read a breakdown here.


We charge $85 an hour. As we are not a licensed Utah State mental health counseling service provider, we do not take insurance. We accept cash and Venmo payments. If you currently enrolled as a student in the Thirdofeight Institute, mindfulness coaching sessions are included in the cost of enrollment.


Individual appointments are usually available between the hours of 10am and 2pm, M-Th. We prefer in-person meetings but are happy to accommodate virtual appointments. Contact us directly to schedule an appointment.

We may also be available for opportunities of public speaking on mindfulness. You may contact us through the number below in order to discuss the parameters of your event and needs and identity of your audience, as well as the cost.

We can be reached at (208) 819-7131. Our physical office is at 317 S 200 W Springville Utah 84663.

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