Musical Instruments

One of the primary methods we use to help students integrate the knowledge they learn here is through access to instruction with a musical instrument. Music is multi-layered and provides a ripe context in which students can learn how to network different disparate parts of their learning and unite them through music.


Students are invited to choose at least one instrument to learn to play, and the instituted provide the personalized instruction in order to help them do that. 

Access to playable student level instruments is a different story; currently we do not have resources to provide instruments, and until we do, the student and his or her parent or guardians will have the responsibility to help the student gain access to the relevant musical instruments.



Take lessons in violin, both fiddle style and classical playing.


Take lessons in viola.


Take lessons in cello


Take lessons in string bass. Learn both classical playing, as well as jazz.

Keyboard Instruments


Take lessons in piano playing.

Keyed Accordion

Take lessons in keyed accordion.


Take lessons in playing the organ.


Irish Tin Whistle

Take lessons in playing the irish tin whistle.


Take lesson in playing the clarinet.


Classical Operatic Style

Take lessons for singing in a traditional operatic style.

Folk Style

Take lessons in a relaxed style.

Pop Belt

Take lessons in singing for music theater.