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Our Purpose

Our Purpose


The central purpose of Thirdofeight is to envision, build, support, and sustain an ideal community.


We do this with two major processes. First, we work to remove things that get in the way of human flourishing, and second, we cultivate influences that promote positive and meaningful growth.


All impediments to human fulfillment can be boiled down to a single principle, that of the use or influence of coercion one towards another. As a rule, we seek to remove all influences of coercion from ourselves and from our associations in every way we know how.

We also model, teach, support, and maintain the positive ideas, infrastructure, principles, and conditions that allow us to embody and reflect this ideal within our daily lives.

There are four distinct ways in which these efforts take shape:

Teaching By Example

There is no better way of teaching than through leading by example, and there is no better way to encourage curiosity than through play. 

Our preferred method of play is through storytelling. We use a combination of literature, movie, and real world environments and gatherings to bring our stories to life. Through these mediums, we exemplify and embody the truths that will help students reach their ultimate potential.

You can learn more about our unique storytelling efforts here.

Embodying Principles

We help those around us embody truth in their lives through a system of institutional schooling. We help students discover what motivates them and then cultivate these interests in distinctive ways.

You can become more familiar with the ins and outs of our school system here.

Maintaining Motivation

We provide the physical infrastructure needed to sustain and support the independence and autonomy of both the individual and the local community. We seek to support a redundant, resilient, and reliable network of food, water, energy, manufacturing, waste management, education, and employment for the community that reassures everyone with constancy of the means of maintaining the requirements. standards, and basic comforts of physical life.

Our infrastructure is currently limited, but will grow to meet needs as our resources and opportunities expand. You can learn more about our plans by downloading the latest version of our business plan here.

Supporting Mindfulness

We maintain infrastructure to support good mental hygiene for the members of our community. We provide counseling and coaching for all who have been hurt or affected adversely by abuse and coercion with the goal of helping them free themselves of its short and longterm effects. In order to establish and maintain a culture of positive, robust, and resilient mental health, we provide this free of charge to individuals within our community.

You can learn more about our protocol and unique approach to mindfulness here.


We have developed a functioning, but small prototype of our ideas and ideals in Springville, Utah. In practical terms, it appears as a fictional haunted old-timey manor and boarding house inspired by the stories of Wizarding in the Wild West. 

Here we operate a school, offer mindfulness training, host immersive fictional experiences, and are in development of a growing list of self-reliance resources for members of our community.

Our premises are located at 317 S 200 W Springville Utah 84663. As our resources and opportunities grow, we anticipate expanding to include many more places and campuses in a variety of locations.

You may contact us for more information. We can be reached at (208) 819-7131.

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