Story Mediums
Performing Arts

Music Performance


Take private lessons in piano, voice, violin, viola, or penny whistle

Partner Dancing


Take lessons in American swing, latin social, latin ballroom. and standard ballroom techniques.

Rappelling Sports

Overcome your fear of heights and integrate your body and mind through the moving meditation that is rock climbing and canyoneering.



Take group acting lessons and learn to create and inhabit a character and on screen.


Broom Making

Learn the craft of assembling an old-timey appalachian style broom.

Film Production

Learn the ins and outs of the movie-making craft, including planning, shooting, and post-production.

Production Design

Learn how to design a space by harnessing powerful tools and resources currently at your disposal

Wood Working

Learn the old-fashioned technique of making useful things from wood.


Learn how to germinate and grow plants, as well as design and maintain a garden

Event Design & Planning

Learn to craft exquisite experiences that awaken the imagination of your audience and stay in your budget.

World Building


Learn to invent, develop, and translate your ideas into a format that carefully lends itself to the film making process.

Book Authorship

Learn how to develop and articulate an engaging and meaningful novel.

Show Running

Learn how to use what you have and know in order to create and maintain a consistent, plausible, engaging, and worthwhile story onscreen.

Role Player Game Design

Learn how to create and maintain the laws, rules, history, characters, and environments of a fictional world in order to run a worthwhile, functional, and fun role playing game.