Trauma Recovery

We seek to move students from wishing or trying to escape their traumas to understanding and begin to apply the ideas and mechanisms that cause these hurts to begin with.

Resolving trauma is a tricky but essential business. Trauma keeps us from growing, and thus prevents us from reaching our ultimate potential.  It is essential that we address the root causes of trauma and help individuals avoid it as they move forward in their lives.

There are clinical practices and practitioners who we engage with in helping students navigate trauma. We have resources that can provide help and opportunities for those who may not be able to afford hiring a professional, but are desperate to gain access to insights to help them out of the mess of their feelings and false beliefs.

There is a variety of ways that allow us to assist students in recognizing the sources of their pain, frustrations, and false beliefs. We encourage students to explore these means in order to help them gain understanding and power they desire over themselves.

Depending on the resources of the institute, along with the needs and preferences of the student, the mentor will provide access and recommendations of resources to the individual.


If trauma is holding the person back and they desire answers and freedom from their issues, we can provide assistance.

Individual Assistance

Our program provides self-help and one-on-one counseling sessions centered around building up personal confidence, teaching fundamental grounding principles, recognizing false beliefs, and reinforcing the naturally resulting state of inner peace.

While trauma can be isolated to a singular arenas, its effects might emerge in diverse ways. In order to better assist our students in navigating this difficult terrain, we harness the benefits of a variety of helpful approaches. We may encourage and advocate any combination of the following: talk therapy, massage therapy, meditation, and ecclesiastic engagement. Our goal is to help students recognize, remember, practice, and retain the knowledge that will assist them to incorporate the inner and outer practices that will allow them to fulfill their personal development goals.

Principles and Patterns Discussions

Each Wednesday we devote one meeting a week for an hour and a half to discuss the foundational principles of the nature of the world. These are the principles which define us and govern all processes. They are the principles upon which all instruction is based. A deeper understanding of these principles will assist students in comprehending and gaining competence in their objectives. 

These virtual classes are more like open discussions where students can learn at their own speed from a mentor who adapts the ideas to the level of understanding of the group. These principles are listed and explained in detail, and can be read and studied ahead of time in our manual, which can be downloaded here.

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